Gail Stearns Gail J. Stearns, M.Div., Ph.D. Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Dean & Associate Professor, Chapman University
Are you ready to slow down? To live each moment fully? To discover your purpose? To find peace?

Mindfulness practice will help you cultivate:

  • CALM

Scientific evidence as well as wisdom from our spiritual traditions support the effectiveness of mindfulness in cultivating these qualities. Mindfulness practice helps you find peace within yourself, and be more present to your life and people you care about. Mindfulness practice helps you deal with difficult people and situations.

Dr. Gail Stearns is a mindfulness teacher with grounding in meditation, study, and spiritual traditions.  She has found mindfulness practices deepen her spirituality and enrich her life and the lives of those she teaches.

Enroll in a series of hourly sessions or a day-long workshop and begin to approach your life with greater curiosity, acceptance and grace!

Contact Gail to discuss mindfulness sessions designed especially for your business, group or organization.

FREE guided Meditations by Gail:

5-minute BREATH meditation

7-minute BODY SCAN meditation

3-minute/3-step enlightenment meditation
For this meditation, consider how particular thoughts connect with/ contribute to emotions and bodily sensations. You might return to this after experiencing some pattern that you have found disrupts your ability to be present (it might be something like: hearing negative comments more loudly than compliments, procrastination, saying too much or too little, etc.).  As you observe for just three minutes each time it occurs, you may make discoveries about the pattern and it may begin to shift.

For more free guided meditations led by teacher Diana Winston: