Gail Stearns



“Professor Stearns is a wonderful facilitator of mindfulness meditation. Her knowledge embraces all aspects of the tradition.“

- Brian, Media Arts


“I have felt a big change in my life since taking these classes and participating in the drop-in sessions. … It has also helped me to think more mindfully about my job, how I communicate with and listen to others, and how I deal with work related stress.”

- Terri, Administrative Assistant, Education


“Being committed to serve our institution and society through daily work and activity is part of living a meaningful life. Another major part rests in reflecting on and listening to the life of our soul.“

- Federico, Professor


“Her honesty and compassion have allowed me to accept my feelings just as they are; and that my thoughts, whether positive or negative, are neither right nor wrong, but simply the awareness of the present moment. This insight and understanding has tamed my inner struggles and helps me to live more fully in the present moment. Practicing mindfulness has taught me to catch myself from drifting into the past and future and to stay in the present. I also learned that when I do not make time to mediate I am avoiding the present moment.“

- Lonnise, Administrative Assistant, Education